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We say we are the church, but what is the church supposed to be? What if we had no prior knowledge of church and only had the Bible? We'll take a look at what the church would look like using only the Bible in the series We Are.

The bumper sticker is a concise way of sharing something we stand for without many words. Throughout our new house church sermon series, Bumper Sticker Belief, we'll be scrutinizing these cultural mantras through the lens of biblical truth.

We are continuing our worship in house churches as we move our focus to the book of Lamentations. Listen for parallels to our struggles with the COVID-19 pandemeic as we follow the prophet Jeremiah as he reflects on the suffering of Israel.

Our country is currently struggling through the COVID-19 crisis. Gatherings across the country have been stopped to prevent its spread. Listen to some of the perspective we can take away from this crisis.

A quick look at the book of Leviticus reveals the obscurity and puzzling nature of the book. Join us this Lent as we walk through the Bible's most difficult book.


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