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The Word becomes more than just another word when it represents some one and not some thing. Jesus personified the Word for us when he put on flesh and dwelt among us. 

John Calvin. Martin Luther. The five solas. Many people and many events shaped our faith as we know it today. Join us as we look at the original people, events and protests that shaped what we believe as people of the reformed theological tradition.

How do we engage with God? The book of Psalms come from many authors in many different situations and covers a wide range of emotions from praise and thanksgiving to wisdom and even lament. Regardless of circumstance, the Psalms point us toward praising God.

Much of 2020 was spent responding to the challenging events around us. As we enter 2021 we ask, what's God's mission for his people in 2021? Why do we exist as Christ's church? What's our purpose in this world? Join us as we pursue God's call for us in our new series, Sent.

When the people of God were at their lowest, He sent the greatest hope into the world in a way nobody expected - a baby boy born in a manger. Hear the message of hope in our new series, Unexpected Hope.


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