Come visit a church that feels like home.

Coffee in the kitchen, laughter in the living room.

Sounds like church.


We exist because of Jesus and we exist for Jesus. So expect to hear about Jesus in the music we sing. Expect to learn about Jesus from God's word the Bible. Expect to see the love of Jesus in the way we treat one another. Expect to encounter Jesus. 


Our worship service begins at 9:30am. Worship usually lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.


We gather for worship at the Mequon Nature Preserve

8200 W. County Line Rd. Mequon, WI 53097


We certainly aren’t worried about your “Sunday best." We have everything from jerseys to collared shirts so wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. Overall, we are a casual church that welcomes everyone no matter how they're dressed. 


"Let the little children come." - JESUS

Nursery  |  Infants - 3 Year Olds

We have nursery available for children through 3 years of age.

Children's Message  |  3 Year Olds - 2nd Grade

Worship begins with two songs after which 3 years old through 2nd graders are invited up front for a children’s message. Children may go up front on their own, listen from their seats, or you are welcome to go up front with your child if that makes them more comfortable. After the message, your child can return to their seat with you or they are welcome to join children's worship. Those who join children's worship will be led back into the service to re-join you for our final song.


Children's Worship  |  3 Year Olds - 3rd Grade

Our trained and experienced staff would be happy to have your 3 year old through 3rd grader in children's worship. The children are excused to their own space after the Children's Message. In children's worship, the kids learn about Jesus, play games, and do activities. This is entirely optional. If you want to keep your child with you that is totally fine. You won't get stern looks if your kids are being kids during worship.

Students  |  4th Grade and Older

Grace 242 is committed to integrating students into the life of our community. We have students who help lead Children's worship, read scripture, run technology, and sing or play in the praise team. 


  • When you arrive, you won't see a steeple or stained glass because we worship at a nature preserve. Why? We're more interested in investing in relationships than property. Don't worry, once inside you'll find that it's a great facility with a large space for worship and classrooms for education.
  • As you approach the building, there will be somebody to greet you and open the door for you. Once inside, there will be somebody at our welcome desk to say good morning and answer any questions you may have. You'll also be able to pick up additional information or fill out a visitor information card if you are interested.
  • Straight ahead are the double doors to our worship space. When you enter, you'll have just walked into a room full of conversation and laughter. We value relationships and you will find most people are mingling near the coffee and doughnuts and haven't yet made their way to their seats. Most Sundays the service begins while people are still mingling and talking. 
  • Service begins at 9:30am with two contemporary worship songs. Following the songs and a prayer, a member of our worship team will welcome everybody to worship and invite everyone to greet one another. Don't be alarmed, we enjoy our greeting time. You will find people walking up and down the aisles to greet others throughout the room.
  • After the children's message, we will then hear a passage of scripture followed by a message from God's word, the Bible. We strive to keep the messages accessible to everyone and often use humor and videos to engage all ages.
  • Following the sermon, we will pass the offering baskets through the aisles. This is a time for our Covenant Partners to respond and give back to God. If you don't feel called to participate in the offering, you are welcome to pass the offering plate on by. We offer online giving opportunities so no one will think anything less of you if you don't share in the offering.
  • We conclude worship with a time of prayer and one final song. 


We start our service at 9:30 and end around 10:30 am. When worship concludes, few people head straight for the doors. Most linger drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, and chatting with one another. Don’t worry, even with time to chat, sip, and eat you'll still be home to catch the Packers kickoff.